I am currently a Postdoc researcher at Interdigital , where I will be conducting research on volumetric human representation, animation and standardization with Video Lab .

My research interests are in 3D Computer Vision/Graphics, Multi-view Performance Capture, Human-Computer Interaction, and Video-Based Character Animation to facilitate applications for the creative industry.

I completed my PhD from the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing at the University of Surrey. The title of my thesis is Learning to Animate Volumetric Video, where I address the problem of video realistic character animation and real-time interaction using learning-based methods for immersive and virtual environments.

I joined Vertual Ltd in 2014 to develop Virtual Reality simulation software in radiation therapy. Previously, I received my M.Sc. degree from the University of Hull (UK).




Deformation-Guided Unsupervised Non-Rigid Shape Matching
A. Merrouche, J. Regateiro, S. Wuhrer and E. Boyer
British Machine Vision (BMVC), 2023
MORGAN: MPEG Original Reference Geometric Avatar Neutral (Oral)
Q. Avril, J. Regateiro, P. Gosselin and P. Guillotel
The 28th International Conference on 3D Web Technology (Web3D) 2023
MPEG-I Scene Description: a dynamic scene description framework for Immersive media
T. Stockhammer, I. Bouazizi, M.-L. Champel, E. Potetsianakis, E. Thomas, L. Kondrad, E. Alexiou, G. Martin-Cocher, G. Bhullar, Q. Avril, Q. Galvane, J. Regateiro, P. Hirtzlin
International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2023


Temporal Shape Transfer Network for 3D Human Motion
J. Regateiro and E. Boyer
International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV) 2019


Deep4D: A Compact Generative Representation for Volumetric Video
J. Regateiro, M. Volino and A. Hilton
Frontiers, Creating Lifelike Digital Humans, 2021


Learning to Animate Volumetric Video
J. Regateiro
PhD Thesis, University of Surrey, 2020


Deep 4D Shape Representation: Learning 4D Volumetric Video from Skeletal Motion
J. Regateiro, M. Volino and A. Hilton
ACM SIGGRAPH European Conference on Visual Media Production (CVMP) 2019
Dynamic Surface Animation using Generative Networks
J. Regateiro, A. Hilton and M. Volino
International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV) 2019


Hybrid Skeleton Driven Surface Registration for Temporally Consistent Volumetric Video (Oral)
J. Regateiro, M. Volino and A. Hilton
International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV) 2018



Post-doc Researcher
Interdigital Rennes, Video lab
January 2023 - current
Post-doc Researcher
Inria Rennes, MimeTic team
January 2022 - current
Post-doc Researcher
Inria Grenoble Rhône-Alpes, Morpheo team
April 2020 - Decembre 2021
Software Engineer
Vertual Ltd, Hull, United Kingdom
Oct 2014 - Sep 2016


PhD Computer Vision and Graphics
University of Surrey, UK
October 2017 - present
Master if Science (MSc), Games Programming
The University of Hull, UK
September 20013 - September 2014
Bachelor's degree, Computer Science
Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Faculdade das Ciências e Tecnologias (FCT)
September 2008 - June 2013

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